" D I S C O V E R      T H E     W O R L D  ! " 

The IC 2015 will be the 13th camp in a long tradition of international scout camps. The first camp was held in the German city of Friedeburg. From that point, the camp was organized every two or three years. Scouting Delfzijl has been participating the IC since the first camo. Other recurring participants have been Tranerne (DK), st. Christophorus (CH) since 1990 and Pfadi Visp (CH) since 1999.

The first camp held in the Netherlands was back in 1990. At that time, the camp was held at Tuikwerderrak, the same location at which it is held in 2015.

Below you can find a list of previous camps, locations and participants. However, this list is incomplete. If you know any participating groups that are not in the list, please let us know!




 Opening van het 1st International ScoutCamp 1982 Friedeburg Germany





1982  Duitsland
1984  Noorwegen
Lillehammer ; Fivelgroep, ...., ....., ....



1987 Vlag van Denemarken Denemarken
Hinnerup, Tranerne (DK), Fivelgroep (NL)
1990  Nederland 
Delfzijl:  Fivelgroep (NL), Tranerne (DK), .... (DK), St. Christoforus (CH)...... (N),...... (F), ........ (D),.........(GB),........ (S)
1993 Vlag van Denemarken Denemarken 
1996  Zwitserland
1999  Nederland
2001 Vlag van Denemarken Denemarken 
2004  Zwisterland 
2007  Nederland 
2010 Vlag van Denemarken Denemarken

2013  Zwitserland 

2015  Nederland 


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