" D I S C O V E R      T H E     W O R L D  ! " 

The staff has already started planning for an awesome camp next summer. As always, the camp will be packed with awesome, adventurous and relaxing activities, but there will also be free time to go exploring with your group and of course go shopping for souvenirs.

We don’t want to spoil everything, but for the camp you should be looking forward to a lot of games, a two day hike, visiting the beach and exploring the Dutch countryside. 



Datum:   morgen  midag  avond
zo 26 juli  arrivel    
ma 27 juli   game /opening Disco
Di 28 juli  walk-in  walk-in  walk -in
wo 29 juli  mudwalking mudwalking  mudwalking
do 30 juli  walk-in  cubscouts/constructing  eveninggame
vr 31 juli  city trip Groningen  city trip Groningen  citytrip Groningen
za 1 aug    visitors day  
zo 2 aug  hike  hike  hike
ma 3 aug  hike  hike  hike
di 4 aug  day at the lake    
woe 5 aug   closing  


 * the program is subject to change

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