" D I S C O V E R      T H E     W O R L D  ! " 


Delfzijl is a town at about 30 minutes from Groningen in the northern part of the Netherlands. Delfzijl is located on the most north-eastern part of Groningen, at the coast of the Wadden Sea. Delfzijl has around 15.000 inhabitants and has a nice modern city centre, boulevard and beach. Besides the main city centre, there are several supermarkets found throughout the city.


The beach of Delfzijl


 Delfzijl is located in the province of Groningen, which is known for its extreme flatness and widespread grasslands. During your visit to the Netherlands, you will visit a few small villages built on so called “terpen”. A terp is a small hill built to protect the village against the sea, since the entire province of Groningen is below sea level.






 The largest city of the province of Groningen is called Groningen. Groningen has around 200.000 inhabitants and a large historical city centre. The city of Groningen used to be part of the Hanseatic league, giving it a rich tradition of trade and culture. When visiting the city you’ll find many museums and old historic buildings. Main attraction is the Martini Tower, the semi-official symbol of the city.

The Martinitower in the city center of Groningen


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